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Sneaky Financial Creation #2 19 October 2021                               RETAIL SAVERS We are delighted to share with you real-life examples of the parasitic creations we find sneaking around in the financial gloom, where they slowly eat your hard-earned savings and future happiness.  Eriswell Capital Management Sneaky Financial Creation 2  FEE STACKING What Can’t Professionals See? 3 September 2021                     STOCK MARKETS  Nobody wants their portfolio to be tossed around like an autumn leaf, driven by forces they don’t understand, with destination goodness knows where. We focus on the new ideas which helped us navigate some of the biggest market moves over the past 10-years. 28 October 2021                          STOCK MARKETS  Until we change incentives long the entire ‘investment-production-consumption’ chain, we cannot expect to deliver anything close to the impact needed to combat climate change and other social problems.   Sadly, the ‘E’ in ESG is Mostly Nonsense 23 September 2021                     STOCK MARKETS  With current high valuations, care should be exercised when listening to those rocking up late to the equity party, just as the band is packing up to go home.  Stocks were Never a Forever Trade 18 November 2021                          RETAIL SAVERS  Buying an active fund is worse than paying someone to play Roulette with your life savings. The data is clear: It tells a story of saver wealth destruction.   The ‘Active Fund Casino’: Actually,  it’s worse than that Sneaky Financial Creation #1 14 September 2021                    RETAIL SAVERS   Financial regulators repeatedly warn of unfair practices in the retail investment space: high fees, price clustering, poor advice, low transparency, and what not. But nothing compares to parasitic real-life examples. 11 January 2022                          STOCK MARKETS Can ESG investors help heal the world’s social and climate ills? Can they even identify companies moving towards a distant and desirable equilibrium? And do you trust them?  Are ESG Investors Smarter than a  Fiddler Crab?
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