Specialist consultancy

Eriswell provides a specialised investment advisory service to institutions and family offices. The specific needs of each client stand at the centre of every investment recommendation.

Believing that successful investing involves a degree of true flair expressed within a consistent and disciplined structure, we aim to combine dynamic and creative investment activity with strong and relevant control.

All our proposals are custom-built and based on a detailed and wide-ranging consultation process.

Investment advice

Our investment advice focuses on creating investment strategies that pay attention to the quality of the investment, the portfolio management framework and the associated costs.

Proposals are custom-built and based on a detailed and wide-ranging consultation process. Our advice may be very narrow and specific (such as recommendations regarding the risk management of derivative securities) or more general (such as the creation of a strategic asset allocation plan).

Proposals are developed by a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in areas such as fund management, security analysis and risk management. The team members have a sound theoretical understanding of markets and they are keenly aware of the geopolitical changes that have altered the workings of the global economy and influenced investment risks and opportunities. All work is overseen by an individual with a proven track record in direct portfolio management.

Investment structure - The Investment Helix

At Eriswell we view portfolio management and the investment-control framework as being inextricably intertwined in the form of a double helix. We call this structure The Investment Helix.

Portfolio management is by its nature creative and dynamic. However, efficient control structures have an inbuilt bias against change. Unfortunately, there is often an adversarial relationship between the two functions, with portfolio managers thinking that risk managers are a general nuisance, while risk managers consider the portfolio managers impatient or even reckless.

What is needed is a harmonious relationship between the two, between creativity and control. As with successful ballroom dancers, each partner executes different steps, but they perform as a pair.

Eriswell offers an independent review of the suitability of control structures surrounding the investment activities of our clients. Once this task has been completed, we believe that the two strands of The Investment Helix are complete - i.e. the investment activity and the control structure. We subsequently work together with our clients in combining these two strands into a strong and stable overall structure.