Welcome to Eriswell

Eriswell Capital Management LLP is a privately-owned partnership. Its investment philosophy is underpinned by more than twenty years of consistently high returns that substantially outperformed the major equity indices. Focusing on the blind spots of conventional analysis we share, since 2008, our investment strategies with financial institutions and family offices.

Independent Research

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Eriswell research concentrates on identifying European stocks and sectors where new information is emerging but where the significance of the information has not yet been fully dimensioned by mainstream research.

Like most market participants, we believe that sound investments are based on a thorough and detailed analysis of a security. Focusing on relevant but uncertain information, our research is complementary to mainstream fundamental analysis and provides an additional tool for optimising portfolio returns.

Our research is divided into two separate products, StockWatch and StrategyWatch.

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Specialist Consultancy

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Eriswell provides a specialised investment advisory service to institutions, alternative investment managers and family offices. The specific needs of each client stand at the centre of every investment recommendation.

Believing that successful investing involves a degree of true flair expressed within a consistent and disciplined structure, we aim to combine dynamic and creative investment activity with strong and relevant control.

All our proposals are custom-built and based on a detailed and wide-ranging consultation process.

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