Our approach

At Eriswell we have few pre-conceived ideas apart from a belief that investment decisions should be taken within the context of a consistent, well-thought-out and analytically rigorous framework.

Portfolio management is not a static affair. It must assimilate and adapt to changing market conditions, to changes in the global economy and to changes in investors’ circumstances. Static financial modelling tends to result in portfolios that gradually fall out of sync with the market, become exposed to new risks, and ultimately fail to meet the requirements of the investor.

In a little over a decade, the major world economies have evolved into a unified system. The geo-political changes that enable the global economy to function smoothly have significantly altered the investment landscape and opened up many exciting investment opportunities, with of course their accompanying risks.

We believe that investment management and risk management are intrinsically inter-dependent activities, and that weak investment structures often damage investment returns. Risk management is not an exact science, and no single technique can control all of the risks inherent in a typical portfolio. However, whatever approach adopted the first requirement is to obtain a detailed understanding of the portfolio specific risk.

Eriswell does not claim to have all the answers. Our approach is dynamic in nature, designed to assimilate and adapt to changing market conditions, utilising a deep pool of investment knowledge to formulate clearly-thought-out, conflict-free solutions to the individual investment requirements of our clients.